.The idea came out of a desire of finding new ways to diffuse & listen
to electronic music; bringing out a relationship inbetween
time/work/diffusion. It is proposing a non stop diffusion of concerts,
performances, projections ; through out a few days (3,4..or more) where
the artists relay themselves.
.The audience listens to the shows via headphones, the audience is
limited to the number of headphones (between 6 and 12)
.The program should be determined in advance , having each artist on at
least twice at different hours .dispatching of schedules is quite
important (you have to fill up the mornings etc.. (which personally
seemed to be the best hours for me..)). We mainly had sets of four hours
here in paris, which seemed to develop longer moments for the artists,
and came out quite good.
.Setting up undone duos , solos.. etc can develop something special for
the audience (only a few people to hear a 'special' perfomance).
.In the technical point of view it is important that most of the
installation stays during the whole show ( mixing board , a computer
(mac), 1 or 2 cd players ) and that there is a large enough space on a
table for artists to bring in their own material.

..Serving coffee beer etc.. inside the space is quite important, to give
over comfortable seating to the audience is essential.
..Also for the comfort of the audience it is important that there is a
'waiting room', where it is possible to have a drink and sofort open
also non stop.We expierienced in paris more or less some periods of
'rush hour' and used a bar 50 meters away which was open until 2 am and
opened at 5 am; the thing to deal with is I guess to try not to bother
neighbours in the building all night for four-five days; the space we
had here was only one 12sq meter room, we had to have the 20-30 people
waiting outside. Doing it this way we went on for two days before
anyone in the building did actually notice something.